Thursday, March 17, 2011

Visual Vitamin-C

Does anyone know this flower? My biologist husband knows every obscure California native plant down to their stamens and pistils, but none of the pretty ones at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market. Ooooo! Burrrrrn botanical community!

Rain is on its way to San Diego. Again. Which is why I'm dishing out a pre-emptive dose of visual vitamin-C. When the clouds arrive and you start to despair that summer is JUST NEVER GOING TO COME AND RESCUE US, think back on this post. We have to sit tight in our quadruply-layered thermal fleece zip-ups and know in our heart of hearts that these gray days are numbered. Stay steadfast California!! In the meantime, remember that studies (and last July's Real Simple magazine) show people's moods can be recharged simply by staring at a brightly colored photo. With that in mind, feel free to soak in the orangey brilliance of the following images.

Glowing bird-of-paradise in Encinitas. I spy some ants.
Deliciously-hued arm candy, brought to you by Proenza Schouler in their 2011 fall collection. Photo by Tommy Ton of the wondrous blog.
Sampling of some flowers and plants from our garden and a bird card. Cause birds are so hot right now.
From left to right: Prabal Gurung, Julien Macdonald and Gucci -- all are spring 2011 ready-to-wear collections.
Bouquet of extra sunny ranunculus (ranunculi?) at the Hillcrest Market.
One of the first poppies I saw this spring. The shoe that looks to be made out of phoenix is Dior, and the other is Sigerson Morrison.
And a blinking, whiskery nasturtium -- one of the hundreds currently peeking around in the yard.
Are you well saturated? Good. Bring it, rain!

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