Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blog Abandonment... and then Resurrection!

HI! Remember me? More importantly, remember this dress?? (You'll have to scroll down a ways if you don't.) It's been exactly one year and five days since I let the world know how much I coveted it. I told you it looked better on.
 Sooo... It's been just about one year since I last posted something, and the guilt has finally worn me down. "Guilt" may not be the best term. It's a feeling comparable to when you haven't called a good friend in a while, and although you check up on them on Facebook (i.e. stalk their photos) you know deep down that really doesn't cut it. Actually, guilt is probably a good term after all.

I kept meaning to write, but didn't want to do anything that wasn't going to be awesome. Which is way too much pressure. So the new school of thought on this is going to be... just DO IT! Throw something up there! It doesn't have to be brilliant! For goodness sake, not many people are going to see this, so where's all the pressure coming from?  Seriously now.

So I dedicate this blog resurrection to the following inspirations:

Suno incorporates these bouquets of global textiles in all their looks. (I call it "International Party-Time!") Left me wondering how I can get away dressing like this everyday. Imagine how great a day that would be!
Pamela Love, a jewelry designer who uses a lot of rough, natural stones and antique metals, was another personal fave of mine. The jewelry is brilliant, but I may have fallen in love with Pamela even more. She's the epitome of ethereal grunge.

The Fashion Fund -- which, if you love fashion and have not seen yet, you oughta get on stat. (All the episodes are on Hulu.) The six-episode series follows the 10 finalists of the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund. Each are fairly well-established designers who just need that extra push to make it in the very tough world of fashion. The winner and two runners-up receive mucho moola plus a year-long mentorship with a fashion guru, who I believe is of their choosing. One designer wished for Vera Wang, another Diane von Furstenberg, to give a few examples. The winners tend to go on to greatness -- think Proenza Schouler and Marchesa. What's also wonderful is that the judging committee (comprised of colorful big wigs like JCrew/Neiman Marcus/Vogue execs, and of course Anna Wintour) selects from a whole range of designers encompassing menswear, women's wear and jewelry. Anyway, it really delves into the incredible amount of time, effort and heart that goes into these collections. There is also a full documentary on the CFDA competition from a few years ago called Seamless which is on instant play on Netflix.

Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour -- Fashionland's good cop/bad cop duo. Favorite things about The September Issue? The topaz necklace Anna always seems to have on (although nowadays she seems to sport like four at a time) and the 20s shoot Grace directs. Also Andre Leon Tally playing tennis. Also the flowers in Anna Wintour's home. There was a lot.
 While we're on the subject of fashion TV/film, I must also profess my love for The September Issue (which I've now seen from start to finish four times) and Project Runway (duh).
I want to own all of Gretchen's designs, be besties with Anthony, and adore Mondo to the end, but Anya is the full package. Gorgeous, humble, friendly and a genius when it comes to making clothes I just want to eat up. Plus, there's the Trinidad and Tobago accent.
Now if you'll excuse me, I've just discovered Unzipped has finally been added to instant play on Netflix, and I could use a dose of Mizrahi hilarity.