Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ready to be Sun-Drenched

All hail the California gods! It topped 70 degrees today and it's still only early March! Woo hoo! Better shave my legs and starting packing jackets into the garage because it's almost SUNDRESS SEASON, the greatest time of the year. I've already been getting a hankering for some flowy 70s styles after seeing this little blue beauty at Anthropologie, aka The Most Magnificent Store in the World*.
The goddesses of Anthropologie have dubbed this the Chroma Reflections Maxi Dress. (It looks better on.)

That dress, plus the stripey, Mediterranean-hued frocks from Ferragamo's 2011 Resort show, plus the small stacks of Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalogues accumulating in our living room make me all-too-ready for summer to just start already.
Tasty looks from Massimiliano Giornetti's 2011 resort collection for Salvatore Ferragamo
Now, as much as I'd love to flounce around in Bougainvillea-painted silk gowns and leather espadrilles all through September (see below for Marc Jacobs dream outfits), my San Diego zip code dictates a nearly religious devotion to "casual dress." Which is wonderful if you plan on going to the beach (I AM!), but after a while, the daily uniform of tees, shorts and Toms gets a little uninspired.
A bouquet of Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 ready-to-wear gowns.
So this summer I vow to push a little farther in the glamour realm -- because until the day when I can teleport into the streets of Cinque Terre, it's the next best way to bring Italian panache to me!

Rest assured, I'll be whipping out my trusty Toms the moment my feet start to protest heels.
Image I sent in to the Toms online photo gallery... which they never flippin' posted. That's okay Toms! I still love you and your do-gooder hipster shoes!

* I've had serious fantasies of living in one of those stores. (Ala Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.) Imagine waking up in a sapling-inspired bed, no doubt adorned in antique lightbulbs or birch branches, or moss or something wonderful like that. You have plenty of great books to read as you sit upon embroidered chaise lounges. The air always smells of flowers and spice, and all your drawers are filled with white beans (Why? Because how else are you going to display your collection of international porcelain knobs?!). Not to mention you're surrounded by clothes crafted out of nothing less than angel tears.  Gah!
My dream bed waiting for me at Anthropologie.

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  1. my dear mediterranean buddy... how much i love this blog of yours due to the following factors:
    a) you mentioned "from the mixed up files..." HOLLA for things on your 6th grade reading list!
    b) lots of fashionista eye candy! i want everything!
    c) many appearances by ronan
    d) you wrote it!
    e) you friggin wrote it!

    your lima bean